Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is almost here! Go over these safety tips with your family before trick-or-treating begins to ensure your family has a fun and safe Halloween night!

Home Safety:
  • Clear driveway, walkways and steps of any potential tripping hazards. This includes garden hoses, kids toys, rakes, and yard debris. 
  • Keep your front porch and main pathways illuminated.
  • To avoid safety and fire hazards, use LED candles rather than real candles. 
  • Keep pets indoors during trick or treating hours. If possible, secure them within the home so they can’t ‘escape’ when the front door is opened.
  • Chocolate, candy and wrappers can be extremely harmful to animals. Keep all candy off of floors and out of reach to avoid risk.

Trick-or-Treating Safety:
  • Stick to neighborhoods you are familiar with and stay on sidewalks (or the left side of the road if sidewalks are not available).
  • Only approach the front door of homes that are well-lit or have their porch lights on. In most cases, homes that are dark do not want trick-or-treaters. 
  • Avoid wearing long or difficult costumes that could be a tripping hazard. Also avoid masks that limit visibility and sight. 
  • All costumes and wigs should be fire resistant. 
  • Carry a bright flashlight (with fresh batteries) and place glow-sticks or reflection tape on costumes for added safety.
  • Walk, don’t run, and stay alert for cars – especially when walking by driveways, garages, or passing cars.
  • Older children should only trick-or-treat in groups with a planned route parents are aware of. They should also carry a charged cell-phone and review safety tips with parents prior to leaving.
  • Remind all children that they must wait until they reach home to eat candy.

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