Spring Home Care Tips

Air Conditioner:  In addition to changing filters, inspect your AC unit before the high heat hits to ensure it is running at full efficiency. If you don’t already do so, you may want to consider joining an HVAC company’s maintenance program so your unit will be professionally inspected and tuned at least twice a year.  

Gutters: Remove any leaves or debris that have gathered in your gutters and make sure downspouts are not only in good condition, but positioned to direct water away from the foundation.  
Trees: April showers often turn into spring storms – especially here in Georgia. Inspect the trees on your lot for any signs of rot or disease, professionally removing any that may be at risk for falling during heavy winds or rain. Plus, any healthy trees or bushes that are too close to your home or utility lines should be trimmed back for added safety.  

Yard Equipment: Clean off stored yard equipment, inspecting and tuning up items as needed, and take inventory of your gas and oil supplies, being careful to store such items safely and in a ventilated area.  

Decks: Replace any pieces of rotting or warped wood, fixing any loose boards or rusty nails along the way. And to prevent any further damage, decks need to be resealed annually.      

Walkways/Driveways: Walkways and driveways are often overlooked when it comes to repairs since it is not uncommon for some cracking to take place. But broken or uneven pavement can be very dangerous, especially for young kids and the elderly, making it an important safety item to inspect each year.

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