2021 Letters from Santa

Christmas is coming and North Atlanta Home Group has a special “direct line” to Santa!

We would love to send your child(ren) a letter from Santa – it’ll even be postmarked from the North Pole! Imagine their surprise and delight to receive a letter from The Big Guy himself! We have great fun with this every year… and we hope it’ll be even better this year!

OH! And this isn’t just for children – remember, everyone is a child at heart at Christmastime, so please feel free to fill out the form for children and adults alike! (We even have a special “you’ve been naughty” letter for those adults who deserve some coal in their stocking!)

We must receive all requests by Monday, November 29th, 2021! This is free to our friends and clients, and we’re happy to add a little more joy to everyone’s holidays. The postal service expects delays this holiday season, so please respond today to ensure that your letters are sent!

Please click here to request your personalized letter!

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