Brighten Your Home for the Fall Season

Fall is not often thought of as a time to ‘brighten’ your home. After all, we are approaching the time of year when days become darker and leaves become scarce. But, this is also the time of year when nature produces the vibrant colors that define the fall season. So why not use these natural colors to decorate your home for the beautiful season that lies ahead. And don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the typical orange and brown colors that dominate fall – there are options in an array of colors.

Enhance the Outdoors: Add interest to your porch, patio, or walkway with an autumn floral display (think mums, gerber daisies, or golden craspedia). To officially welcome fall to your home, hang a festive wreath or purchase a seasonal doormat. And remember, pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween — they are a fall staple and can be used for decor throughout the autumn season. For those looking for a timeless display that will carry through Thanksgiving, heirloom pumpkins in neutral colors are a great choice for both inside and out.
Bring the Outdoors In: Don’t be afraid to decorate your home with items from the outdoors that signify autumn. For example, decorate your mantel with garland made out of pine cones. Use acorns as a vase filler for a bouquet of fall flowers. Or create your own art out of colorful, pressed autumn leaves.
Dress Up Your Table: Hosting your family and friends for Thanksgiving? Make the most of this autumn feast by creating a fall tablescape. Need some ideas? How about setting out white mini-pumpkins as place card holders. Or create a gorgeous centerpiece using a collection of fresh herb clippings (ex: rosemary, thyme and sage) mixed with branches of eucalyptus, ivy or other leaves.
Include the Smells of the Season: Fall is not only present in the colors, but also in the scents of the season. Fill your home with the smells of autumn by using fall themed candles, potpourri, and incense – some classic scents are pine, amber, cinnamon, vanilla, cider, and sage. And to create the true smells of autumn that your whole family will enjoy, bake a yummy fall treat such as spiced-pumpkin bread or a classic apple pie.

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