Make Your House Feel Like Home

It’s often said that moving is one of the most stressful life experiences one can go through. Even when it’s a ‘positive’ move, the thrill and excitement of a new house can quickly be overshadowed by the emotional toll of packing up all your belongings, uprooting your family, and saying goodbye to the place you have called home.

To help you adjust to your new surroundings the next time you move, try following a few of these steps.

Security: A sense of security is one of the biggest requirements for feeling at ‘home’. And while previous owners turn their keys over at closing, there’s no way to truly know if or when any copies were given to family members, babysitters, neighbors, etc. Thankfully this worry can be handled almost immediately by scheduling to have the locks changed the day of or soon after closing. If applicable, it would also be beneficial to contact the alarm company soon after closing to reset account names and passwords.

Cleaning:  It probably comes at no surprise that one of our suggestions is to give your home a deep clean. After all, there’s no better feeling than walking into a clean home – especially when moving in for the first time. In addition to hiring a professional cleaning crew to help with the task, here are a few other low cost changes that will make a big impact:  
  1. Toilet seats: Yup, toilet seats. A new toilet seat is an easy yet effective way to give your toilet a fresh, clean start. Best of all, replacing a toilet seat is not only inexpensive, it can be done within just a few minutes – even if you have never done it before.
  2. Air Filters: Air filters need to be changed every three months (sometimes sooner if there are pets), so why not go ahead and start your filter-changing routine the first week you’re in your new home. While you’re at it, check the batteries in all the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  3. Paint: We’ve all seen how a fresh coat of paint can make a room feel brand new. But when moving into your new home, keep in mind that it’s not just walls that can benefit from paint.  If your trim, baseboards, and doors still look dingy even after a good cleaning, go ahead and give them a fresh coat of paint – you’ll be amazed at how bright and clean your home feels with this touch up.  
Lighting: Lighting has a huge impact on the overall feel of a home. New light fixtures, hanging or removing curtains, or changing out light bulbs are simple ways that you can alter your home’s lighting to fit the mood you desire. 

Personality: Make it a priority to unpack and display a few of your favorite items soon after moving in to give yourself some serenity from the chaos. Family photos, artwork, candles, and even pillows and throws can quickly make the place feel like home.   

Community: Take some time to venture outside and get to know your new neighborhood and those that you share it with. Feeling a part of your community will do wonders for feeling at home.

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